Q. Will my jack fit the pepsX stand?
A. Most major brands work with the stand. The easy way to tell is measure your jack, if it is less than 20" wide and will fit under your bike, it will work with the pepsX stand.

Q. Will the pepsX stand work with my bike?
A. If the frame rails of your bike are lower than the motor and exhaust pipes, and you have 23" of flat frame, the stand will work on your bike.

Q. Do you have a complete list of all models that will
work on the pepsX stand?
A. In a word, no. But a list is slowly being compiled by customer supplied info.

Q. How is the pepsX bike stand shipped?
A. We use FedEx ground for all standard orders. If you need it faster, you will be responsible for the difference between ground and express service. Contact us if you require express service via our "contact us" page or email link at bottom of page.

Q. Are wheels an option on the pepsX stand?
A. No, we do not feel it would be safe to make the stand mobile.

Q. How do I mount the Stebel Horn bracket?
A. The bracket is designed to fit under the swing arm. Use three #10 x ¾” self drilling screws. Mount the Stebel horn to the bracket using the mounting bolt and nut that comes with the horn. Then hold it under the swing to find the best location for your bike. Mark the bracket location on the swing arm. Unbolt the bracket from the horn and use the self drilling screws to mount the bracket to the swing arm. A drop of blue loctite is recommended on each screw. Then bolt the horn to the installed bracket.

Q. What is the lead time after I order my pepsX stand?
A. Stands ship within 2-3 days. FedEx ground service can take up to 10 days to deliver, but usually deliver within 3-4 business days. Peg Savers and Horn Brackets are mailed via USPS mail and can take 7-10 buisness days.

Q. What colors are available with the pepsX stand?
A. The stand comes in satin black, light texture finish.

Q. If I live outside the continental US, how much is

A. Contact us for shipping quote if you live outside the continental US.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
A. We accept Pay Pal, Credit cards, money order, personal checks and cash.

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