Welcome To PepsX Products!

PepsX is best known in the motorcycle community for designing and building the best motorcycle support stand for the big cruisers. Although designed for the Honda VTXs; The PepsX bike stand will fit a wide variety of big bikes on the market today.  PepsX Products are based out of Houston, TX. We currently manufacture products to fit most large cruisers. All products are made from high quality materials and are made with pride by Americans. Our motto speaks for itself, "Rock Solid Quality". The PepsX bike stands are made of high quality 11 gage steel tube and powder coated with black polyurethane paint for durability that will last for years. They also have protective vinyl strips on the top rail to protect the frame of your bike. No moving parts on this stand to loosen, or get lost. It comes ready to use right out of the box. Although a complete list is not yet available, this stand will work with many other models as well. This stand will support the heaviest of bikes that weigh in at over 1,000 lbs. It is proven to be the most solid bike stand you will ever use. Check out the rest of our site for more products and see pictures of the fabrication process, customer pictures of the stand in use, and ordering information for all our products!

How to use the stand The PepsX bike stand is simple to use. After lifting your bike up with your ATV/motorcycle jack, simply slide the stand in around the jack and then lower your bike onto the pepsX stand. After removing the jack, you are ready to do routine maintenance, oil changes, cleaning, winter storage, or even major projects.


12-14-09 VACATION NOTICE: We will be on Vacation from July 6th to July 24. Feel free to place an order at any time. We will reply and confirm shipping upon our return. Thank you for your understanding.


"Rock solid stand, I can sit on the bike while on the pepsX stand and rock the bike around and it will not move. My neighbor that rides a Harley saw it and had to have one he loves it too!" (Chicago-Spike St. Charles, Illinois)

"I have a pepsX stand and I LOVE IT! When I have my VTX1300S on the stand it is ROCK SOLID and I don't even think about it moving, let alone falling! Thanks for a GREAT maintenance stand!" (Bob Mador Oak Harbor, WA)

"I Can and Do Sit on my "X" While it is On the Stand!! And I'll Tell Ya This, It is Rock Solid!! It Holds My Very Heavy 1800 Retro" (Kevin Kuiper Eustis, Fla)

"One of the best X tools in my shop, his customer service is second to none!!" (throttledoctor)

"This is the best purchase I have made for my bike. This stand is worth twice its weight in Gold.... no better yet CHROME!!!!" (blindskydiver Minnesota)
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