PepsX is best known in the motorcycle community for designing and building the best motorcycle support stand for the big cruisers. Although originally designed for the Honda VTX’s; The PepsX bike stand will fit a wide variety of big bikes on the market today. Made from heavy 11ga steel tube and powder coated with black polyurethane for durability that will last for years. 


                Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1- Lift the bike with your ATV/Bike jack.
2-slide the pepsX stand under the bike.
3- lower and remove your jack.


The PepsX Stand is simple to use.

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pepsX Peg Savers
Bike Stand

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Peg Savers were designed by pepsX and Doug Roberts specifically to fit the Honda Goldwing to protect the bottom of the aluminum foot pegs during tight turns and spirited rides through the twisties.

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