About Dan and PepsX Products

PepsX Products is based in Houston, Texas. All of our products are made by Americans, in America. We pride ourselves in having outstanding customer service and world-class quality. Dan Peppers (pepsX) started out by making a simple stand to support his Honda VTX while servicing it. The idea for the stand was conceived while the bike was balanced on the ATV/motorcycle jack. After having to move the jack twice to get to both drain plugs, and using fifty rags to clean the mess of spilled oil on the jack and garage floor, Dan envisioned a stand to safely support the heavy cruiser without the jack being in the way. The resulting design was a product that is both safe and easy to use, thus providing convenient access to motorcycle maintenance and modification. After seeing the stand in use, one of Dan’s VTX friends (MRVTX) wanted one for himself. Word of the stand quickly spread with pictures and threads posted on the VTXOA forum board, and a market quickly developed. We are proud to say it is now in use worldwide.

Another product available on this site is the Stebel Horn Bracket. This bracket mounts the Stebel compact air horn securely under the swing arm of the VTX. The mounting bracket was an idea suggested to pepsX, who designed it, and now, it too, has become a popular item with riders across the world.

The most recent addition to pepsX Products is the Peg Savers. Developed with the help of DJfire for the Honda Goldwing. Peg Savers come in three materials and were designed for the spirited riders that scrape pegs in sport riding or drill teams.